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strategic planning: where are you going and how will you get there?
review the organization’s history and current contributing factors  
develop a vision and a roadmap to get there  
create a multi-phase strategic plan with a detailed implementation plan that outlines key actions, persons responsible, deadlines, and budget implications  

program evaluation: is your program running the way you had planned and achieving desired goals?
clarify program components, intended outcomes, and key questions to establish the evaluation parameters  
customize and develop a wide range of tools (e.g., surveys, focus groups, performance rubrics, etc.) to collect necessary data  
analyze data and share findings with stakeholders  

student assessment: what are your students learning?
articulate key learning outcomes (e.g., ability to perform music in several time signatures) and other relevant student outcomes (e.g., increased self-confidence)  
develop student assessments (e.g., paper/pencil tests, performance tasks, etc.) and train personnel responsible for administering and/or scoring  
analyze data and share findings with stakeholders